Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro Screen Cover in Hardened Glass

Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro Screen Cover in Hardened Glass
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HTC Desire 825 Screen Cover in Hardened Glass With this Screen Cover in Hardened Glass for your HTC Desire 825, you get strong protection on the phone's screen. It can extend your phone's lifespan, and you save money since you don't have to pay for expensive repairs. The hardened glass provides optimum display protection, and with a thickness of only 0.3 mm, you retain the glorious feeling of glass against your finger. This screen cover is surface-treated and leaves no fingerprints and stains on the screen. Should an accident happen and you drop the phone, the hardened glass protects the screen from cracking and keep it intact.. Combining this display cover in hardened glass with a cover allows you to extend the life of the phone considerably. Features: - Strong and transparent. Keep the screen clean and free from scratches - Works against grease stains and fingerprints due to surface treatment - The back is covered with silicone that makes it easy to apply.
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Farge Transparent
Kompatibel med Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro
Produktype Screen Protecter
Merke No
Materiale Glass
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